Vincent van gogh thesis statement

When Japan came into contact with the Western world during the 19th century, Japanese woodblock prints, paintings and ceramics had a considerable influence on European art, particularly on cubism and impressionism. Japanese aesthetic principles of simplicity and understatement influenced Western architecture and design during the 20th century. Japanese artists also absorbed Western techniques and materials and gained international audiences.

Vincent van gogh thesis statement

This is the question that often comes to my mind… why do we paint? What makes you paint? Is it because you took to the brush when you were a kid?

Did you see a masterpiece so magnificent that you took to the brush like no tomorrow? Why did you not do something else? Why did we choose to paint over many other options available to express?


How do people end up painting, in life? Or is it just the one side dominance of brain? I am not talking science here. The science of art is neither my area of interest nor my cup of tea, at the moment. There are artists who stress upon how methodical and scientific art is.

I may climb to that realm, later in life. I experience a period of frightening clarity in those moments when nature is so beautiful. I am no longer sure of myself, and the paintings appear as in a dream Vincent van Gogh What I am more interested now is how art makes you the person that you are — when you paint or when you admire art.

I want to know how art starts to speak from within… how art expresses the deep core…. And even today, a picture is worth a thousand words. Then, is art an urge to express?

Is it our failure to master other forms of expression that art gives us the refuge and medium we seek? Do we artists reject the nuances of language, grammar and words, to express? Do artists want unbridled freedom in expressing and questioning?

Do artists want to do something that was never made before? Is this the way we like to be spent?

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Does making artwork undo the artist? Is art a part of unlearning to enlighten? Does art make us understand the elements better? Does art makes everything simple? The joy of seeing ones vision translate with hands, the despair of a wrong brush stroke, the anxiety of using a new color, the confidence of a repeated brushstroke, the tension of a measured stroke, the strain of fine brush work, the stressful judgment of seeing the big picture, the want to create a balance, the stray hair of the brush on canvas, the pace of emotions within, and a lot more….

Vincent van gogh thesis statement

Art is artist painted. To paint is to show a bit of your soul. Where words fail, colors and strokes convey. Deep seated sub conscious comes to life.

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It is a way of connecting with your inner self. And more often than not, we remain surprised with what we see.

And there is that miracle: Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. Henry Ward Beecher Sometimes we know what to paint and we begin with it.

But as time and colors go by, the outcome is totally different as planned. Each painting has its own way of evolving…When the painting is finished, the subject reveals itself. William Baziotes It is true that once the painting is complete, no matter how much you love it, it is outside of you.

All that you held within for that artwork is right in front of your eyes. The entire emotional journey undertaken is right in front of you.

A certain part of you has come onto the painting and remains there. Like a child who is born unto you, but is an individual by itself. It stopped being your painting the moment that you finished it.

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Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles is one of the artist’s most famous works. Painted with vibrant colors, which has become the artist’s hallmark, The Bedroom features the interior of his room in Arles where he spent some time during his life.

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Feb 08,  · 1. Van Gogh led a troubled, but fruitful life. according to he painted paintings in 9 years. 2.

Vincent van gogh thesis statement

Van Gogh's disappointments in his years of Ministry in the mines in Belgium led him to devote his life to Resolved.

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