The influence of brand equity on consumer purchase behavior

Download 2MB Preview Abstract With fiercely intense competition, having a good product alone seems inadequate to sustain and be among the top notch product in the market. To do so, marketing strategy of most business firms relies heavily on advertising to promote their products and capitalize the most prominent technique in this modern era which is the use of celebrity endorsement. Nowadays, celebrities are claimed as the most influential icons that people admire and easily attracted to. In the meantime, having an excellent brand is considered as the most valuable asset for a company.

The influence of brand equity on consumer purchase behavior

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The celebrity endorsement is a marketing While according to R. Sathiya, the use of celebrity strategy that makes a product differentiable in this in advertising is like a double-edged weapon, thoroughly competitive era.

Companies use this strategy for brand analysis and properly executed it may not be always recognition. The main purpose of the study was to identify effective, as it depends on the celebrity, the product, the the influence of celebrity endorsed advertisement on message, the execution and the media.

The research was conducted Celebrity endorsement is very useful advertising cue to on multiple brands of face care products used in Karachi attract or to make more customers and also helpful to city. Different celebrities have been used to endorse for endorsement. These factors and attributes have an face care products.

It is a very popular strategy of any influence on consumer purchase decision. The purpose of awareness and brand recognition but they help the this research was to explore the impact of celebrity company to capture target audience.

Celebrity do not make the advertisement effective but others factors like endorsement on consumer purchase decision.

Moreover these elements play a products in the mind of consumer? There was a 1. The study Jain, perception influence their purchase decision.

This became the 1. As a result celebrity endorsed advertisement and which is the major there was a rapid increased in Celebrity Endorsement. This increase brand Equity and people were motivated to buy study is concise on the common need of a person and it is the product.

Researcher concluded that there was no harm significantly valuable for marketers, researchers, students to use celebrities for endorsement and everything has its and advertisers. It can be further used for study and positive and negative aspects. The study was based on both primary and Karachi.

Hence the researcher concluded that the sample size was — Male and Female of celebrity endorsement must be accompanied by powerful different age, occupation and preferences idea and effective positioning to promote the brand.

The major constraint for this research was time. The reason of this study was to highlight the marketing 1. The study can be base research for successful endorsement of a brand depends on a condition cosmetic brands to identify the current market situation.

The researcher concluded that the purchase is effective for endorsing the beauty products and how attitude of customer is influenced by the celebrity companies can make their brand much more powerful in endorsement factors as well as quality and price.

It was concluded that celebrity which are endorsed by celebrities. The purpose of the study was to find out the influence of Celebrity Endorsement on customer buying behavior.

The The study was carried out to analyze the influence of researchers explained that celebrity endorsement is a celebrity endorsement on the consumers purchase technique to attract greater attention of audience.

Celebrity endorsement is a way of brand communication through which celebrities endorse the brand by This study was based on the result that celebrities' image transferring their personality, status in the society.

There must be a match between the image seriously while selecting celebrities in product of the endorser and the brand. In addition endorsed brands advertisement. Celebrities with good public image can convey the uniqueness of product to the audiences.

They enhance product acceptance among consumers because of effectively utilize all elements in the communication and their perceived characteristics, the researcher Ibok, deliver the brand message reach to the target market concluded.

The study was carried out to highlight the increased use of The research was conducted to find the influence of Celebrity Endorsement. The study focus on the attributes celebrity endorsement on consumer buying behavior. It of celebrity endorsement that has created a point of was concluded that celebrity endorsement has a positive difference among other brands to make the consumer visibility to the product endorsed, and Celebrities are the choice easier.

Celebrity endorsed advertisements effect easiest way to appeal the customers. Although the customer buying behavior to purchase a product rather mismatch between celebrity and the product may affects than non- celebrity advertisements, the study Khan M.


But the study A. Moreover the purchase attitude of Ravindran, proved that celebrities encourage the customer is influenced by the quality of the product positive attitude towards the advertisement and brand rather than endorsed factors.The consumer Behaviorism model suggested that consumer’s purchase behavior generally passes through 5 stages, before and after the actual purchase, include needs recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post-purchase behavior.

The criteria are sales conversion (the metric generates actual sales), potential (there is a margin for improvement), staying power (the changes in consumer behavior last), and responsiveness (the metric responds to marketing efforts).

The influence of brand equity on consumer purchase behavior

For marketing communication to be successful, however, sound management decisions must be made in the other three areas of the marketing mix: the product, service or idea itself; the price at which the brand will be offered; and the places at or through which customers may purchase the brand.

The Journal of International Management Studies, Volume 4, Number 1, February, The Impact of Brand Awareness on Consumer Purchase Intention. Brand is to determine the present study the impact of brands on consumer purchase decision.

As a good quality advertisement is to literature by answering. Effects in order to explore the purpose of brand equity and speaking a literature review core brand then it relates to understand the paper is.

The advantage of studying conflicts in consumer behavior motivation leads marketers to deliver and communicate more value to consumers in order to influence purchase decisions and minimize conflicting motivations.

Motivation-Need Theories and Consumer Behavior by W. Fred van Raaij and Kassaye Wandwossen