Temsa a time of crisis

In a New Zealand entrepreneur, Alan Gibbsannounced that he intended to also produce the car in his country as the Anziel Nova.

Temsa a time of crisis

Originally designed by Harry Zoltok to deal with early Canadian roads and harsh winters, MCI coaches today have an enviable reputation for both durability and reliability.

This year marks a special anniversary for Motor Coach Industries. It was exactly 80 years ago, inthat the company designed and built its first bus. The story over these 80 years has been fascinating. Among other things it involves building coaches to withstand the harsh Canadian winters and early roads, Harry Zoltok designing buses by sketching with chalk on the production room floor, years of affiliation with Greyhound, providing Greyhound with the coach that replaced the Scenicruiser, building durable coaches that became the most popular on the market, manufacturing coaches in three different countries and recently adding the Setra to its product line.

All of this makes for an interesting story because there were numerous incidents along the way that shaped the future of MCI.

It started out as somewhat of a wild and wooly frontier town and while it may have matured and become more civilized over the years, it continues to attract people who are not afraid of hard work and who have a well-developed sense of community. It is easily the most industrialized Canadian city for a distance of at least miles.

What became Winnipeg started out as a trading post of the Hudson Bay Company located less than 70 miles north of the United States near where the Assiniboine River emptied into the Red River. Fort Garry, named for Nicholas Garry who was an important director of the Hudson Bay Company, was built somewhere around The new fort was washed away in the flood ofan ongoing problem in those years.

The fort was rebuilt upstream north about five years later at Selkirk in what was considered a safer location.

Temsa a time of crisis

One contemporary report relates that a commercial enterprise located immediately outside the walls of the fort was a liquor store. One presumes that this enterprise helped local residents ward off frostbite in the cold winter months.

Worse yet, the area is occasionally prone to flooding when the ice in the Red River breaks up in the spring.

In spite of all of this, or possibly because of it, the area attracted many enterprising people. Winnipeg became a major railroad and transportation center as well as providing the birthplace for numerous businesses and industries including two major bus builders.

Zoltok was born in Russia in but left his native land when the Communists rose to power. He arrived in Winnipeg in and one report suggests that he was so impressed by the cleanliness and width of Portage Avenue, that paralleled the Assiniboine River for quite a distance, that he decided to settle here.

He liked to work with vehicles and with his hands so he became involved in a partnership known as J. A year later, inthe little company entered into real vehicle production by building an passenger body on a Packard car chassis.

Initially, the company followed typical limousine procedure by cutting the vehicles in half and extending them. However, Fort Garry Motor Body and Paint Works then began building their own larger bodies and putting them on truck chassis.

It consisted of a stretched passenger body on a Packard car chassis. In following years the company built larger bodies and put them on truck chassis. Decisions The year proved to be a major milestone for the little company and involved several decisions. This moved the company a step closer towards integral construction and increased durability.

It also marked a decision that Fort Garry Motor Body and Paint Works would concentrate on over-the-road coaches in the future.

In the following year,the company discontinued the automobile repair business and began concentrating on coaches.I spent years playing on consoles.

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The Anadol A1, code named FW5 by Reliant which developed the prototype upon Anadol's request, went into production on 19 December The styling of the A1 was by Tom Karen of Ogle urbanagricultureinitiative.com a New Zealand entrepreneur, Alan Gibbs, announced that he intended to also produce the car in his country as the Anziel Nova.

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Connecting you to the latest coach and bus market reports, features, comment and analysis. Numerous people have said that Zoltok was a natural engineer. In these days prior to computers and sophisticated drafting equipment, Zoltok developed the habit of sketching a needed part or assembly on the floor of the factory in chalk.

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