Software requirements specification for a checkers application computer science essay

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The information gained from literature reappraisal is applied in the system design and system development stage. Standard Four pupils, Standard Four Science instructors and parents were involved in this stage. Strenght and failing of the bing systems used as usher in system design and development.

Software requirements specification for a checkers application computer science essay

August 21, You are an administrator for the Contoso Corporation. The Contoso Corporation has two 2 large sites.

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The corporate office is in New York and the manufacturing site is in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition, the Contoso Corporation has five 5 smaller sites. At the Corporate site, you currently have eight 8 physical Hyper-V hosts that host approximately one hundred twenty virtual machines. The servers are needed to host email, various databases, file services, print services, and a point-of sales-application.

The virtual machines are stored on a centrally located storage area network SAN that has multiple power supplies, and use redundant array of independent disks RAID. Over the last three 3 years, you have had two 2 power failures that caused the servers to go down at the corporate office.

Recently, during one 1 of these incidents, files on one 1 of the servers were corrupted. It was later discovered that the backup could only partially restore the data files, but could not restore the server itself.

The servers must remain available and reliable. As the administrator, you must ensure that you can recover from a failure or problem quickly with minimum loss. Write a three to five page paper in which you: Suggest an approach that provides redundancy failover for all mission critical functions in the event of a disaster including power failure.

Software requirements specification for a checkers application computer science essay

Consider the following in your approach: Identify the changes that should be made to the backup procedures in order to address the problem with the server backups.

Outline the necessary actions that Server Administrators must verify for proper operation of servers in the event of a failover. Provide a plan for returning all services back to the primary systems once the crisis has passed. Examine the pros and cons of moving part of the data center to the Cleveland office and housing it there on a permanent basis.

Provide your recommendation for the stated action.Study On A Designed Application For Contacts Computer Science Essay. The design and execution of the application is shown in Appendix A - Study On A Designed Application For Contacts Computer Science Essay introduction.

This simplified category diagram shows the categories, their most of import methods (common methods such as new or initialise for making a new object case of a category are. Computer science personal statement example 1 "As businesses, consumers and government departments continue to advance technologically, there is a growing demand for skilled computer science technology professionals to create new software and solve complex IT issues. is a web application model developed and marketed by Microsoft leting coders to construct dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), leting coders to compose codification utilizing any .

With an understanding of the existing requirements review process, expected software design models, the software solution design, expected software specifications, and the requirements for the new software design project selected, you must now address the validation and verification of .

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Software requirements specification for a checkers application computer science essay

Author: Maddie Marquez. Posted: Tue, Oct 16th AM. Format: jpg/jpeg. The beauty of your essay is in the wide usage of linking words and phrases to make your essay more interesting to the reader and easier to understand. Software Requirement Specification Page No:9 Dynamic numerical requirements include, our total no of tasks such as login,new user registration will take certain time periods for both normal and peak workload conditions/5(12).

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