School shooters

Hyperpartisan websites published false reports that Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who is the father of New Mexico child abuse suspect Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, was keynote speaker at the Democratic convention. This one, however, is going to give the battered political party another black eye. The imam acknowledged their relationship as well as his familial connections to the other four suspects during a press conference one week after the arrests. However, the claim that Wahhaj was the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention, and therefore somehow connected to Obama, is false, basically a regurgitation of a years-old, politically-motivated Internet rumor.

School shooters

And Christopher Harper-Mercer in Roseburg. And Elliot Rodger in Isla Vista. If you go down the list of mass shootings at U. Several others were killed by police, and a few were taken into custody alive.

But only two are now out of prison, one of whom was arrested with a gun after his release, while the other has since applied for a concealed carry permit. Not only that, but because Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden were minors at the time of the shooting — 13 and 11, respectively — when they killed five people in what was then the second-deadliest U.

Little has been reported about the lives of Golden and Johnson since they were released in the mids, but they seem to have one thing in common: On the other hand, she said, Golden was "sneaky. I remember the conversation we had the day before [the shooting].

School shooters

I was going over to see if they wanted to know what their grades were so far," Spencer said, remembering that Golden had just barely gotten a B. The view is from a door used by students to leave the School shooters during a false fire alarm, followed by a shooting.

One of the pair then pulled the fire alarm at lunch and opened fire when people started to flee.

School shooters

It was an ambush. Jonesboro was tied for the second-deadliest school shooting in School shooters. Part of the reason it is not as well remembered today stems from a matter of timing, one expert says. The fact that it felt like part of a pattern is what made it much worse -- a pattern but taken to an extreme, way beyond our imagination.

Golden and Johnson are the only two U. Felons are barred from possessing firearms.

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But in the case of the Westside Middle School shooters, they were tried as juveniles, which means they were technically found "delinquent" instead of "guilty," and even though they served time, they came out with sealed records.

They opened fire, killing four students and a teacher, and injuring 10 others. Less than 10 years later, both men were free. The decision to charge the pair as juveniles was not really a decision at all, but the only option: At the time, Arkansas did not allow juveniles to be tried as adults.

That law was changed a year after this case, the Arkansas Bureau of Legislative Research said.

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris

Many specifics of their story after they were sentenced are hard to pin down because of state laws that protect both juvenile offenders and gun owners, or would-be owners.

In Arkansas, the majority of juvenile cases are sealed, a Craighead County Court official told ABC News, so both court officials and lawyers involved with the cases are not only barred from revealing the details of the case but also from acknowledging the existence — or non-existence — of those cases in the first place.

The law is relatively new, coming into effect inthe Bureau of Legislative Research confirmed. Before the law changed, however, Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler had confirmed to The Arkansas Timesbased on the fingerprint needed to apply, that Golden had applied for the conceal carry permit in using the name Drew Douglas Grant.

When ABC News asked last week, Sadler declined to comment because of the new law, but he did explain that sealed records show up in law enforcement background checks though not civilian ones like employer background checks. The paper reported that his application was denied because at least one answer — his address history — was proved false after not listing the juvenile detention facility or subsequent federal detention facility where he had lived for several years.

Even though he could only speak in hypotheticals, given the legal restrictions, Sadler said he was not surprised that Golden, by any name, would be rejected. Andrew is one of two boys accused in the shooting deaths of four girls and one teacher at the Westside Middle School, March 24, Sadler said state law does not require an individual to register the specific handgun the applicant intends to conceal, and gun ownership is technically not a requirement for applicants.Watch video · Nickolas Cruz killed 17 people in a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Now experts look at the mental health factors mass shooters share. 41 rows · This article lists in chronology and provides additional details of incidents in which a firearm . Nineteen-year-old Nikolas Cruz has become the latest young man accused of storming a U.S.

school and gunning down students and staff. Cruz allegedly fired his way through his former school last. Despite increased attention to school shootings and school safety, rampage attacks continue to devastate communities in the United States and around the world..

This site is a compendium of documents relating to a wide range of active shooter incidents in educational settings.

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The purpose of the site is to help prevent school shootings and to provide insight into the perpetrators of large. A school shooting is an attack at an educational institution, such as a school or university, involving the use of a firearm(s).Incidents that involve four or more deaths are also categorized as mass shootings.

According to studies, factors behind school shooting include family dysfunction, lack of family supervision, and mental illness. There are four ways to browse the library of documents or the database of perpetrators: View documents of a specific type by using the links to the left.

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