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Researchers at the Israel-based Indegy Corporation Tuesday publicly announced their identification of the security hole and details of how it could have been exploited. The security threat has since been filled by engineers at Schneider Electric. Industrial control systems, such as the type that Schneider Electric manufactures, are used in nearly every modern automated factory or processing plant. Headline grabbers Because of the potential for catastrophic damage, some hackers have long targeted ICS networks in hopes of grabbing headlines.

Middle east business report presenter remote

Tweet After its reputation was badly tarnished by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook needed a communications expert with the kind of trustworthiness and integrity that could win over the skeptics.

So for its new head of global affairs, it's picked Nick Clegg, a man so unpopular he can't even win a parliamentary seat for the UK political party he once led. The Sick Man of Silicon Valley. For those in the dark, which probably covers most people outside the UK, Clegg is the UK's former deputy prime minister.

Way back inhe took his Liberal Democrat Party into a coalition government with the Conservative Party, then led by David Cameron, even though the Liberals weren't supposed to agree with anything the Conservatives stood for.

He measures up to Cameron for sheer blandness, but actually looks like a children's TV presenter who has grown up and put on a suit. Don't be fooled into thinking those boyish looks give him any kind of street cred, though. He's a knight of the realm, for one thing "Sir Nick Clegg" to mere mortals.

He's also one of those middle-aged types who brags about his sexual exploits, claiming to have slept with "up to 30 women. If they know who Clegg is, most young people now regard him in the same way a teenager views Facebook: To the possible relief of his former constituents, Clegg won't be hanging around the UK for much longer.

He's off next year to the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, where his plummy British accent might do him some favors if he can ditch the politician's wardrobe without going all-out Zuckerberg.

For all the latest news from the wireless networking and services sector, check out our dedicated Mobile content channel here on Light Reading. Clegg had this to say, according to the BBC: I hope I will be able to play a role in helping to navigate that journey.

You do wonder how appointments like this are made. It's presumably the same kind of logic that powers the merry-go-round in soccer management, where inept managers move from one club to another until they've exhausted every option and eventually retire as wealthy old curmudgeons grumbling about press intrusion into their private affairs.

In fairness to Clegg, he probably knows lots of other politicians and important people around the world.

That's what happens when you've been deputy prime minister of an ex-world power like the UK. TIP, or the Telecom Infra Project, is a Facebook-led initiative to shake up the equipment sector in the telecom industry. Facebook appears to think traditional network equipment suppliers deserve only a C-minus when it comes to providing decent products at low cost.

If it can get everyone up close and personal in a big mosh pit of innovation, networks might even get built in out-of-the-way places like, well, Africa.

middle east business report presenter remote

Then even more youngsters will go online and hopefully sign up to Facebook before they realize that -- with a man like Clegg in charge of global affairs -- it's not somewhere you want to spend much of your free time.

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blood collected from soldiers and other defence force personnel. But that's all about to change. Vicky is the co-founder of TravelDailyNews Media Network where she is the Editor-in urbanagricultureinitiative.com is also responsible for the daily operation and the financial policy.

middle east business report presenter remote

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