Microprocessor without interlocked pipeline stages computer science essay

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Microprocessor without interlocked pipeline stages computer science essay

Widrow, Bernard; Aragon, Juan Carlos Regarding the workings of the human mind, memory and pattern recognition seem to be intertwined.

You generally do not have one without the other. Taking inspiration from life experience, a new form of computer memory has been devised. Certain conjectures about human memory are keys to the central idea.


The design of a practical and useful "cognitive" memory system is contemplated, a memory system that may also serve as a model for many aspects of human memory. The new memory does not function like a computer memory where specific data is stored in specific numbered registers and retrieval is done by reading the contents of the specified memory register, or done by matching key words as with a document search.

Incoming sensory data would be stored at the next available empty memory location, and indeed could be stored redundantly at several empty locations. The stored sensory data would neither have key words nor would it be located in known or specified memory locations.

Sensory inputs concerning a single object or subject are stored together as patterns in a single "file folder" or "memory folder". When the contents of the folder are retrieved, sights, sounds, tactile feel, smell, etc. Retrieval would be initiated by a query or a prompt signal from a current set of sensory inputs or patterns.

A search through the memory would be made to locate stored data that correlates with or relates to the prompt input.

Microprocessor without interlocked pipeline stages computer science essay

The search would be done by a retrieval system whose first stage makes use of autoassociative artificial neural networks and whose second stage relies on exhaustive search.

Applications of cognitive memory systems have been made to visual aircraft identification, aircraft navigation, and human facial recognition. Concerning human memory, reasons are given why it is unlikely that long-term memory is stored in the synapses of the brain's neural networks.Microprocessor Without Interlocked Pipeline Stages The architecture is little endian and word-addressable with three-address, fixed-length instructions.

Microprocessor without interlocked pipeline stages computer science essay

Like Intel, the pipeline size of the MIPS processors has grown: The R and R have five-stage . Dec 13,  · Systems and methods for processing and analyzing samples are disclosed. The system may process samples, such as biological fluids, using assay cartridges which can be processed at different processing locations.

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Computer Architecture Slide Sets WS / Prof. Dr. Uwe Brinkschulte urbanagricultureinitiative.com Benjamin Betting. Part 8 Instruction Level Parallelism (ILP) - Pipelining.

Parallel Computing. Pipelining Superscalar VLIW EPIC. Instruction-Level Parallelism. Thread- and Task-Level Parallelism. In addition, a psychological experiment is reported to verify expression ability on body movement rhythm.

This method facilitates to choreographing body movement of humanoids, animal-shaped robots, and computer graphics characters in video games.

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