Learn a new skill essay

You may have noticed, the older you get, the quicker time seems to pass. The reason behind this mystery is a scientific one that boils down to this: Want to slow down time? Since travel already has you in an unknown place, take the experience to the next level by trying out a fun class that will provide you with a new skill to take home.

Learn a new skill essay

Golfbabe87 An compilation of work done in the year for a Motor Learning class at my alma mater. Our assignment was to learn a new skill and document it and write a paper.

Learn a new skill essay

My chosen skill is hula hoop. Francis Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide the documentation of Learn a new skill essay novices attempt to learn a new motor skill and analyze the retention and model of learning used by the individual. The paper shows the novice moving from the theory of learning a motor skill to its actual application in a real life situation.

The paper examines the novices ability to problem solve and achieve mastery over hula hooping for ten seconds and taking five steps while continuing to hula hoop.

Learning New Motor Skills: Hula Hooping Purpose and Goal The purpose of this assignment was to learn a new motor skill never attempted before and apply it based on the theory learned in the class Motor Learning, taught by Dr.

For this assignment the task selected is hula hooping. The goal of the task is to successfully revolve the hula hoop around the defined waist area for a total of ten seconds and proceed to take five sequential steps.

The task was ultimately selected by the learner due to the fact that as a child she never had an interest in playing with hula hoops, skip-its, jump ropes and playing hop scotch. The learner also identified the environment she would most likely be practicing in as unpredictable due to weather in San Francisco.

Considering this, the learner decided to learn a skill that could be performed inside in the safety of her home. The task is successful when the learner is able to revolve the hula hoop around the waist for ten seconds.

The waist area that the learner must rotate the hula hoop around is above the hip bone and below the rib cage. The ten seconds is measured by the learner referring to a clock with a second hand on computer nearby. Prior to walking the learner measured two feet and visually saw what a two foot step would be and what it would feel like as well.

Other variables to measure performance include the total number of revolutions within a trial per session, the longest hula hoop trials per session, the total amount of trials per session and the average hula hoop trial time in one minute which is determined by the number of trials divided by the minutes practiced and further divided by the amount of seconds within a minute.

Her pool of resources includes a very active and athletic lifestyle. She has a history of being physically active, but has not participated in any team sports for a significant duration of time other than taking up golf when she was a teenager.

She spent a few of her years in grammar school taking ballet lessons but claims to be an atrocious dancer with terrible rhythm unless she can make up her own dance. She currently enjoys going to the gym and the competitiveness of playing games with a balls i.

As a child she frequented the school yard playing "four square" and "wall ball" rather than hop scotch, hula hooping, or jumping rope as many young girls tend to do.

The learner is motivated to hula hoop by her Mother and boyfriend and is excited to take her hula hoop skills to the dance floor. In order to hula hoop successfully the learning has defined the prerequisite skills as balance, hip rhythmical rotation, coordination, and kinesthetic ability.

The learner is visually dominant and learns best by example.

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Facility and Equipment The actual hula hoop sessions occurred in two distinct, but similar locations. It should be noted that both environment are closed and predictable with no outside variables to account for.

The Sacramento filming location is in the modest living room of a remodeled home built after World War Two. The living room is spacious with a suitable amount of lighting and a comfortable carpeted floor.

The learner has lived nearly twenty years in this home and the environment is both familiar and comfortable. The task and videos are filmed in the living room of the apartment with a sufficient lighting system and a soft carpeted floor.However, Ur proposes that most of the learners´ intention is to learn how to speak so the greatest stress lies on developing speaking skills, which as Bygate maintains is underestimated skill in many ways.

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Everybody has their own reasons to learn new skills. Some need them for work, some because of the changes, caused by various life events, some choose to do it just because it's fun. Wherever your motivation lies, mastering a new skill in a quicker and more efficient way will certainly benefit you.


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