Journey s end stanhope

Summary Analysis Near sunset the following day, Stanhope paces the dugout and speaks with the Colonel, who tells him that headquarters has told him the raid must take place before 7pm. As such, Sherriff presents the Colonel as a man obsessed with following orders, somebody who copes with the stressors of military life by carrying out his tasks without question, even when this means sending men to their death. The Colonel and Stanhope turn to leave, but Osborne calls Stanhope back and places his wedding ring, watch, and a letter on the table and asks Stanhope to make sure they get to his wife if anything happens to him.

Journey s end stanhope

Act I[ edit ] In the British trenches before Saint-QuentinCaptain Hardy converses with Lieutenant Osborne, an older man and public school master, who has come to relieve him.

Hardy jokes about the behaviour Journey s end stanhope Captain Stanhope, who has turned to alcohol to cope with Journey s end stanhope stress which the war has caused him.

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Private Mason, a servant cook, often forgets about ingredients and key parts of the food that he prepares for the officers. Second Lieutenant Raleigh is a young and naive officer who joins the company. Raleigh knew Stanhope from school where he was skipper at rugby and refers to him as Dennis.

Osborne hints to him that Stanhope will not be the same person he knew from school as the experiences of war have changed him; however, Raleigh does not seem to understand. Stanhope is angry that Raleigh has been allowed to join him and describes the boy as a hero-worshipper.

Stanhope has a keen sense of duty and feels that he must continue to serve rather than take leave to which he is entitled. He criticises another soldier, Second Lieutenant Hibbert, who he thinks is faking neuralgia in the eye so that he can be sent home instead of continuing fighting.

Journey s end stanhope

Osborne puts a tired and somewhat drunk Stanhope to bed. Scene 1[ edit ] Trotter and Mason converse about the bacon rashers which the company has to eat. Trotter talks about how the start of spring makes him feel youthful; he also talks about the hollyhocks which he has planted.

These conversations are a way of escaping the trenches and the reality of the war. Osborne and Raleigh discuss how slowly time passes at the front, and the fact that both of them played rugby before the war and that Osborne was a schoolmaster before he signed up to fight; while Raleigh appears interested, Osborne points out that it is of little use now.

He describes the war as "silly". Stanhope announces that the barbed wire around the trenches needs to be mended. Information gathered from a captured German is that an enemy attack is planned to begin on Thursday morning, only two days away. Stanhope confiscates a letter from Raleigh, insisting on his right to censor it.

Scene 2[ edit ] In a meeting with the Sergeant Major it is announced that the attack is taking place on Thursday.

Journey s end stanhope

Stanhope and the Sergeant-Major discuss battle plans. The Colonel relays orders that the General wants a raid to take place on the German trench prior to the attack, "a surprise daylight raid", all previous raids having been made under cover of dark, and that they want to be informed of the outcome by seven p.

Stanhope's Monologue from Journey's End | StageAgent Unfortunately, this means that Raleigh is to be deployed for a rotation of six days on the front lines, in the trenches just opposite a nest of German troops. Rumors of an imminent attack are coming, and the men, led by the pipe-smoking Lt.
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Journey's End - Wikipedia They are occasions when the strict formality of rank is theoretically relaxed, but, in fact, eating and drinking are a new source of tension. Food and drink is all they have to obsess over:
Journey's End () - Rotten Tomatoes Act I[ edit ] In the British trenches before Saint-QuentinCaptain Hardy converses with Lieutenant Osborne, an older man and public school master, who has come to relieve him. Hardy jokes about the behaviour of Captain Stanhope, who has turned to alcohol to cope with the stress which the war has caused him.

Stanhope states that such a plan is absurd and that the General and his staff merely want this so their dinner will not be delayed. The Colonel agrees with Stanhope but says that orders are orders and that they must be obeyed.

Later it is stated that in a similar raid, after the British artillery bombardment, the Germans had tied red rag to the gaps in the barbed wire so that their soldiers knew exactly where to train their machine guns.

It is decided that Osborne and Raleigh will be the officers to go on the raid despite the fact that Raleigh has only recently entered the war.

Hibbert goes to Stanhope to complain about the neuralgia he states he has been suffering from. Hibbert maintains that he does have neuralgia but when Stanhope threatens to shoot him if he goes, he breaks down crying. The two soldiers admit to each other that they feel exactly the same way, and are struggling to cope with the stresses that the war is putting on them.

The scene ends with the idealistic Raleigh, who is untouched by the war, stating that it is "frightfully exciting" that he has been picked for the raid. Scene 1[ edit ] There is confirmation that the raid is still going ahead.

The Colonel states that a German soldier needs to be captured so that intelligence can be extracted from him. In the minutes before going over the top, Raleigh and Osborne talk about home — the New Forest and the town of Lyndhurst — to pass the time.

Smoke-bombs are fired and the soldiers move towards the German trench, a young German soldier is captured.

However Stanhope finds out that Osborne has been killed although Raleigh has survived.

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Six of ten other ranks have in fact been killed. Scene 2[ edit ] Trotter, Stanhope and Hibbert drink and talk about women. They all appear to be enjoying themselves until Hibbert is annoyed when Stanhope tells him to go to bed, and he tells Stanhope to go to bed instead, then Stanhope suddenly becomes angry and begins to shout at him and tells him to clear off and get out.

Stanhope also becomes angry at Raleigh, who did not eat with the officers that night but preferred to eat with his men. Stanhope yells at Raleigh that he drinks to cope with the fact that Osborne died, to forget.

Stanhope asks to be left alone and angrily tells Raleigh to leave. Scene 3[ edit ] The German attack on the British trenches approaches, and the Sergeant Major tells Stanhope they should expect heavy losses.

When it arrives, Hibbert is reluctant to get out of bed and into the trenches. Stanhope orders that Raleigh be brought into his dugout. He comforts Raleigh while he lies in bed."Is Stanhope the hero of Journey's End?"Explore the ways in which Sheriff presents the character of Stanhope"How is the dear young boy?

Still drinking like a fish, as usual?" The character of Stanhope is introduced by Hardy in Act 1, without him actual. Journey’s End Questions and Answers.

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JOURNEY'S END - The Changing Relationship Between Stanhope and Raleigh Stanhope repeatedly asks for the letter and Raleigh is young and inexperienced, he is lost for words as he confused by Stanhope's sudden aggression and . Stanhope, the tortured heart of the narrative, is the film’s trickiest part, and if Claflin’s performance occasionally seems slightly aimless, the actor nevertheless manages to capture the sense of decency that’s stifled beneath Stanhope’s veil of drunkenness and rage.

Journey’s End is set to be released in America almost exactly. The company is led by Captain Stanhope (Sam Claflin) a volatile, saturnine soldier who is hitting the whisky increasingly hard as the pressures of war intensify.

His emotions grow more complex when a rookie officer called Raleigh (Asa Butterfield) shows up, having sought out Stanhope’s company. Set over the course of four days leading up to a massive German attack on the British trenches in , Journey's End charts the tension and claustrophobia as the new recruit to the company, Lieutenant Raleigh, discovers that Captain Stanhope, his former childhood friend and hero, has changed almost beyond recognition.

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