Interventions for maternal and child health

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Interventions for maternal and child health

Advanced Search Abstract Background: Maternal undernutrition is a major concern globally, contributing to poor birth outcomes. Limited evidence exists on delivering multiple interventions for maternal nutrition simultaneously.

We evaluated the effect of providing nutrition-focused MNCH compared with standard MNCH antenatal care with standard nutrition counseling on coverage of nutrition interventions, maternal dietary diversity, micronutrient supplement intake, and early breastfeeding practices.

We derived difference-in-difference effect estimates, adjusted for geographic clustering and infant age and sex. Improvements were significantly greater in the nutrition-focused MNCH group than in the standard MNCH group for consumption of iron and folic acid [effect: Significant impacts were observed for the number of food groups consumed effect: A significant impact was also observed for exclusive breastfeeding EBF; effect: Addressing nutrition during pregnancy by delivering interpersonal counseling and community mobilization, providing free supplements, and ensuring weight-gain monitoring through an existing MNCH program improved maternal dietary diversity, micronutrient supplement consumption, and EBF practices.

This trial was registered at clinicaltrials.

Interventions for maternal and child health

Bangladeshbreastfeedingcluster-randomized trialcommunity mobilizationdietary diversityinterpersonal counselingmaternal undernutritionmicronutrient intake Introduction Maternal undernutrition is a major public health concern globally, contributing to poor fetal and early childhood growth and increased infant morbidity and mortality, with long-term adverse consequences for child development and life-long health 1.

There is growing recognition of the importance of maternal nutrition interventions as part of antenatal care ANC to improve maternal and infant health outcomes 2. Inthe WHO issued new guidelines on ANC for a positive pregnancy experience 3with high priority given to nutrition through dietary interventions and micronutrient supplementation, together with health system interventions to improve the use and quality of ANC.

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The successful implementation of these interventions will contribute to achieving the global nutrition targets for 4.

Reviews of the interventions used to improve maternal nutrition during pregnancy and their effects on maternal and infant health noted that the overall quality of the evidence was low to very low due to heterogeneity in the studies, poor study designs, and lack of control for potential confounding 56.

A meta-analysis of 34 studies 11 of which were in low- and middle-income countries showed that maternal nutrition education and counseling significantly improved gestational weight gain by 0.

The impacts of micronutrient supplements, such as iron and folic acid IFA 7calcium 8vitamin A 9and zinc 10on maternal and child health outcomes are well documented. Most micronutrient-focused studies, however, reported findings from single interventions.

Limited evidence exists on the benefits of delivering multiple interventions for maternal nutrition. Studies in India 1112Nepal 13and Senegal 14 showed higher effects when combining nutrition education and IFA supplementation than with nutrition education or supplementation alone.

The meta-analysis of 34 studies showed that the impact of nutrition education and counseling was greater when combined with direct nutrition support such as food, micronutrient supplements, or nutrition safety nets 5. Methods Study context and intervention description. BRAC, a large national nongovernmental organization in Bangladesh, has been providing community-based MNCH services, including standard nutrition interventions, as part of antenatal health care since 16 The MNCH program operates in both rural 14 districts and urban 11 city corporations areas.

Services provided by the standard MNCH program included family planning, identification of pregnancies, ANC, delivery and postnatal care, essential neonatal care, management of neonatal and childhood illnesses, vaccination, and referral for complications.

Although some nutrition interventions were provided in the standard MNCH program Table 1the nutrition-focused MNCH included greater specificity of interpersonal counseling, provided free supplements, conducted weight-gain monitoring during pregnancy, engaged fathers more explicitly, and included community mobilization activities.Benchmarking health system performance across states in Nigeria: a systematic analysis of levels and trends in key maternal and child health interventions .

To review e-health interventions for maternal and child health (MCH) and to explore their influence on MCH practices in sub-Sahara Africa (SSA). Keyword searches were used to retrieve articles from four databases and the websites of organisations involved in e-health projects for MCH in SSA.

A total. The Kenyan Ministry of Health, in collaboration with development partners, including critical support from MEASURE Evaluation PIMA, developed a reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health (RMNCH) Scorecard for the country. The recent Lancet series on maternal and child under-nutrition estimated that 20% of maternal deaths are due to maternal iron-deficiency anemia and stunting in women, thus adding , deaths to the total maternal deaths from obstetric complications annually.

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Hover over a bubble to see details with links to studies. Click on a link in the axes to see an explanation of the Intervention / Outcome. Maternal and Child Health Childbirth and motherhood should be a time to celebrate new life.

Interventions for maternal and child health

Yet, the miracle of birth interventions and emergency obstetric care, it Maternal mortality and child health is a global concern—particularly in developing countries.

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