Innovation best practices 3m case study

Origin,Research, Purpose by Cal Wick Where It All Began The model has been part of the corporate learning and development lexicon for decades. Some people find implementing brings transformational change to their corporate learning cultures.

Innovation best practices 3m case study

For instance, there are far too many variables to accurately determine how much one minute of OR time costs. That range illustrates the significant price hospitals pay for any inefficiencies or unexpected events in the OR, such as last-minute cancellations or delays due to missing imaging equipment.

Although OR costs and potential profits are prone to an array of variables, one thing is certain: Non-labor costs are an attractive area for hospital management to reduce, as they are of a "low emotional level," according to Jeff Peters, president and CEO of Surgical Directions.

These cost reductions do not involve layoffs or reclassification of staff. Plus, non-labor costs also make up anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of total OR costs, according to Mr.

Strategic Design

Here are six cornerstones of OR operations, along with some best practices to make them more efficient. Building support among physicians to reduce supply costs. The first step in OR efficiency is for hospital management and OR managers to analyze costs by procedure and by surgeon.

Sharing this cost information with surgeons typically builds their acceptance that they may need to alter their practice or resources. Those are things like implants, supplies and devices," says Mr. They found that their implant costs were 50 percent higher than the national average.

He says most organizations have reduced their implant costs by 20 percent to 25 percent by establishing ceilings. Another tactic is simple: Often, OR staff will open supplies that go unused. By labeling the price on those materials, staff will become more cost-conscious and may change their habits toward supplies.

Generally, the most efficient way to block OR time is by the day opposed to stints of hourly blocks, with each less than eight hours. For instance, a hour block is ideal for specialties that involve longer cases, such as spinal surgery. Even an eight-hour block can allow surgeons to perform up to three procedures.

An extended block allows one specialty or surgeon to utilize the OR all day, opposed to a four-hour block time that can handle one procedure.

Hourly blocks four hours or under may also result in cases running over their allocated time or mid-day gaps in utilization.

Rather than denying surgeons block time based on case profitability, it is recommended that hospitals deploy a more positive strategy and work to attract local surgeons who may bring a potentially lucrative caseload to the hospital.

Adjusting OR block time and releases. Instead, OR managers may be better suited to adjust block times based on the balance between under- and overutilization of the OR. For instance, an underutilized OR equals a financial loss for the hospital, as there is no revenue coming in.

But an overutilized OR can result in cases going over schedule, decreased satisfaction among clinicians, and the hospital having to provide overtime compensation.

3M: Innovation, ideas and solutions for a modern world

Thus, OR managers should try to match case workloads to staff levels when adjusting block times. Block releases are one way for OR managers to instill more flexibility in the OR schedule. A release refers to a block time that is not scheduled for a procedure.

Building release times into block schedules far in advance allows schedulers to add cases to blocks that would be underutilized otherwise. Release times also vary per specialty. Procedures booked far in advance, such as joint replacements, may have release times far in advance of the day of surgery, such as 14 days.

Cardiac surgeons may hold their block time until the day before surgery, however, as would burn services. Proactively avoiding gaps due to equipment problems.

Innovation best practices 3m case study

For instance, are there any simultaneous procedures that may require the same piece of imaging equipment? Are any pieces of equipment experiencing technical difficulties or under repair? Identifying these problems ahead of time can help surgeons and their teams avoid a time-consuming setback in the middle of a procedure or block time.


By regularly updating surgical preference cards, OR managers can help ensure case carts are thoroughly and precisely prepared for each procedure and clinical team. This saves OR time that would otherwise be spent looking for missing instruments, and it also reduces variable costs by reducing unused supplies.

Healthcare," says queuing theory can help OR managers plan for potential changes in volume, equipment utilization and other OR patterns.

Queuing theory has to do with the mathematical study of waiting in lines, but it involves a closer analysis of resource allocation that can help OR stay ahead of demands.Innovation best practices 3m case study.

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The company earned global recognition for its use of Six Sigma when one project team earned the Bronze Award . Cleveland Clinic's Patient Experience Empathy and Innovation Summit.

Jun 20,  · Case Study - 3M 3M is a $16B technology company with reach into health care, electronics, industrial, safety, consumer and office products. Most famously remembered for its' innovation solutiono - post it notes. 3M has more than 40 business units world-wide and offices in more than 60 countries.

The Innovation Zone: How Great Companies Re-Innovate for Amazing Success. INNOVATION Case Studies, Best Practices, Success Stories: Great Innovator, High-Growth Startup, Innovation Strategies, Innovation Management Ваш обозреватель не поддерживает встроенные рамки или он не настроен на их отображение.

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Innovation best practices 3m case study

Some real-world examples of how manufacturers are using quality tools and processes to improve their work and the bottom line. Supply Chain Techniques Applied to Six Sigma Saves SeaDek Marine Products $,

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