How to write a will in indiana

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How to write a will in indiana

However, before you get to this point, there are a few legal guidelines that you should be able to follow easily. If you want to be sure that the court honors your wishes, play it safe and print your will.

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You can also purchase and use a will form specific to Indiana law. All of you must sign in the presence of one another. If they are, your bequests to them become void and they can only inherit what they would have received if you had died without a will. However, your executor can serve as a witness, as can any guardian you name to care for your children after your death.

Consider a Self-Proving Affidavit Many states recognize a self-proving affidavit, which is a document you attach to your will that is signed by you and your witnesses and also notarized.


This type of affidavit is a sworn oath that your witnesses did indeed watch you sign your will and that they also signed it themselves. A self-proving affidavit avoids the necessity of your witnesses having to appear in court after your death to testify to this information.

However, doing so can save your witnesses some trouble after your death.

how to write a will in indiana

Indiana law also allows you to videotape your will signing. You Can Make a Deathbed Will If you arrive at a circumstance in your life whereby you never got around to making a will but you know your death is imminent, Indiana law recognizes nuncupative wills.

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These oral wills, sometimes called deathbed wills, are only valid if you do indeed die as a result of the circumstances that made you want to speak your wishes to witnesses. They have 30 days to write down what you said and six months after your death to submit the document to the court for probate.Indiana Election Division (IC ; IC (b)) INSTRUCTIONS: A declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate in the municipal election must be filed no earlier than January 9, and no later than NOON, July 3, NOAA National Weather Service Northern Indiana.

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how to write a will in indiana
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