How to write a white paper template

It's a marketing document and a technical document, yet it doesn't go too far in either direction. A good white paper is informative and is designed to show off the advantages of a product or technology.

How to write a white paper template

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The Challenge Before ProductNamecustomers of XYZ Company hardware products were challenged with slow uptimes and recovery, and lack of proper safeguards to avert a site disaster. Furthermore, there were few replication-based, high availability software solutions that customers could readily integrate into their existing infrastructures.

Product Enhancements to Enable Replication ProductName has built in two key software features not found in ProductNameits predecessor. This replication process occurs continuously in real time.

how to write a white paper template

Therefore, in most circumstances, in case of a software or hardware failure, there is immediate recovery with little or no loss of data. Users will not be inconvenienced with wait time.

Site disasters can be averted because if one site fails, another houses the replicated software and data. Since many customers with multiple sites consider their ProductName environments mission critical, remote replication as a disaster recovery option is a key feature. High availability is defined as an uptime of Further findings of the Burlington group revealed that 36 percent of enterprise customers required remote replication capabilities.

Both findings demonstrated the need for ProductName enhancements. Conclusions ProductName presents a significant opportunity for customers to leverage XYZ Company hardware products and solutions. It provides tested configurations and best practices as proof points.

The results of the Burlington Research Group study provide enterprise-level customers data to effectively evaluate the options and limitations of implementing replication-based, high availability software solutions into their existing infrastructures.White papers are popular more than ever.

How to Write a Basic Research Paper Proposal, Template Included

Whether you want to represent results of your research or to point out success of your company you need to make a white paper. This is a template . Eight Rules for Creating Great White Papers ONE Use a Linear, Logical Approach All good communication has an objective.

The primary mistake people make when writing white papers is to use the paper to talk about their product or solution.

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Instead, a white paper must be educational, not promotional in tone. We are your personal academic writing service providing support with various assignments to write. We can do research paper writing, create a term paper, case study, admission essay, research proposal - any custom essay for you!

"How To Write A White Paper In One Day" is built around the White Paper In One Day template, which takes the guesswork out of structuring the paper.

The reader will learn: The difference between white papers and other marketing toolsReviews: 6. This Microsoft Word document serves as a standard format for white paper writing and will help you create white papers to educate your potential clients. The scope of this White Paper Template covers the following sections: Summary, Problem, History, Solu tion, Benefits, Call-to-Action and About.

Login to download "White Paper Template. At the end of this post is a a complete white paper template download, which is also chock-full of tips for completing each section. Keep reading to take a deep dive into each of these areas.

how to write a white paper template

Title. Your title can make the difference between a good white paper and a great white paper.

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