How to write a logbook

Include any discussion you have had, any telephone conversations, letters you have written and the resources that you have found related to your project. If you take any photographs or audio recordings write down in your logbook where and when these were gathered. You need to keep accurate records of your plans, what you do, how you do it and what you find out. You will use your logbook when you prepare your final report.

How to write a logbook

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Starting to sound serious? A matter of timing: Logging hours If you are starting a new pilot logbook, one of the first things to consider is how you want to record your hours: Both methods have their advantages. Recording in hours and minutes makes the initial entry very easy, e.

However, it makes the totaling up of each page slightly more difficult. That is unless, of course, you have a scientific calculator. Recording in decimals will see you reaching for a calculator more frequently for entries in your logbook, with the minutes having to be converted into hundredths, e.

The Log of the Sailing Vessel Lealea

But it does make the totaling up at the end of each page much easier. Decimals or minutes decided, the question now is what counts as flight time? I have since been assured by many CFIs that it is in fact, legal to log the time from brakes off on the apron. It might not seem like a big distinction, but if you are flying from a large or busy airfield, the taxi time can soon add up.

Operating capacity Hours thus defined, the question now is how to categorise them? There are two types of time: P1 or command time: PIC This is probably the most abused of all the acronyms, as pilots are keen to rack up command time. But it is important for insurance and licensing reasons that you get it right.

how to write a logbook

So when exactly can you log a flight as PIC? Referring once again to Part-FCL: Crediting of SPIC is restricted to students of integrated training courses only. But what about if you are building hours or flying for fun?

Then, the pilot-in-command is defined as the designated commander of the aircraft. They may be the least experienced pilot in the aircraft but, provided they have the relevant licenses and ratings for the aircraft and flight type, they may still be nominated as pilot-in-command.

What this means therefore is that you may fly with an instructor, but if you are qualified to fly the aircraft and not receiving instruction, you may be nominated as pilot-in-command thus logging the hours as such.

The essential thing to remember is, that only one person can log the hours as P1. And, as the pilot-in-command is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of the flight at all times, they must also be the one who signs the aircraft technical log.

P2 or dual time: Co-pilot So, there are two pilots in the aircraft. One is logging the time as PIC, the other as co-pilot, right? In the UK, co-pilot time can rarely be logged by general aviators, its use being limited to those operating aircraft required to have two pilots.The G8PUT Logbook Project.

The Logbook Project started in the late summer of , the original idea was to create a simple and easy to use logbook system. Today, we were fortunate to have the same weather conditions as yesterday, calm sea with little wind coming from the west.

James and Mark, our cameramen had been needed aerial and underwater footage for a while, so we decided to schedule some time in the afternoon to do that.

how to write a logbook

Regardless of your log book needs, you can easily put together a custom log book that will satisfy your requirements.

Determine the type of log book you want to make. The type of information you want to keep and who the log book is for will give you guidance about constructing the actual log book.

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Consider writing your notes in your obligatory log book, then scanning them into the free Evernote application, available on Win, Mac and web. It'll translate your text automatically, making your notes searchable from anywhere.

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