Handbook of nonsexist writing a book

Staff View SUMMARY Designed for anyone who works with words, this provides guidelines and a selection of 15, alternatives to help recognize bias in the English language, replace stereotypical language and improve communication skills. Also included is advice and background perspective on usage or word origin. Reorganization consists in some rewriting of the original "Appendix A: Writing Guidelines" and its repositioning before the dictionary proper.

Handbook of nonsexist writing a book

Angell, David, and Brent Heslop. The Elements of E-mail Style: Communicate Effectively via Electronic Mail. Taking up where Strunk and White leave off, Angell and Heslop apply the principles of clear, concise writing to electronic communications.

A Modern Guide to English Usage. A good resource for the careful writer, one who cares about correct usage and precise meaning.

When Corbett and Connors discovered that many teachers of writing courses were concentrating on chapter four of their book, Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student, they did what any intelligent authors would do: They published chapter four as a separate book.

Particularly helpful are their suggestions for writing exercises, their discussion of how to use figures of speech including 19 schemes and 17 tropes for particular stylistic effect, their presentation of model sentences and passages, their suggested techniques of modeling and imitation, and their stylistic critiques of John F.

Kennedy and Virginia Woolf. This relatively short book pages is an exceptionally useful resource for competent writers with a sound command of grammar who want to write with more personality, emphasis, and flourish.

The Little English Handbook: A succinct, easy-to-use reference book that illustrates its points with numerous examples of proper and improper usage.

To illustrate a non-parallel structure: The Brief English Handbook. More comprehensive in scope than Corbett, this handbook is still compact and easy-to-use, with rules and advice indexed by page tabs in the corners, grammatical terms listed alphabetically in a glossary, cross-referencing, and a complete subject index.

It begins with a review of the essentials of grammar before presenting sentence structure, punctuation, and techniques of composition and research. A Treasury for Word Lovers.

The title says it all. Is a person with a queasy stomach nauseous or nauseated?

handbook of nonsexist writing a book

Why can a parent convince his son that the lawn needs mowing yet be unable to persuade him to mow it? Why is -ble the suffix in deductible but -able in excludable?

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When is the noun-ending -ance preferred to -ence, or the verb ending -ize to -ise? Goldberg, Natalie, Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within. A wonderfully inspiring book whose main theme is: Goldberg understands the psychological implications of writing as well as anyone. The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage: A Guide to Nondiscriminatory Language.

A Dictionary of Nondiscriminatory Language, Boston: A compilation of some 5, entries and 15, alternatives that may prove engrossing to people who are fascinated with the evolution of English and annoying to people who think language should not change under social pressure.

Miller, Casey, and Kate Swift. This is more than a handbook to help you avoid sexist language. It is an eloquent, reasoned, erudite argument for ridding our language of its sexually exclusive linguistic structures. Somewhat like Newt Gingrich disguised as Teddy Kennedy, she leaves the reader wondering who is doing the talking.

A Manual for Everyone who Works with Words. The format is to present lists of offending words and phrases in one column and to suggest alternatives in a second column. A fairly complete, well-balanced guide that offers clear, precisely worded explanations illustrated with selections from a range of literary models.

If you never have been able to grasp the difference between a nonrestrictive clause, which is introduced by the relative pronoun which and set off with commas, and a clause that is introduced by that and not set off with commas — this is the book for you.

The Elements of Style.The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing by Miller, Casey Condition: Very good in very good dust jacket. Ex-library. Signed by previous owner. ex library book.

handbook of nonsexist writing a book

In , while editing law and college texts for West Publishing in St. Paul, part of my assignment was the vague request to. The handbook of non-sexist writing for writers, editors and speakers by Casey Miller, , The Women's Press edition, in English - British ed.

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