Gateway moving beyond the box

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Gateway moving beyond the box

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These environments have low operations and management overhead, Gateway moving beyond the box makes them a popular choice when moving applications to the cloud. The standard Web App offering is a multi-tenant environment configured for public access with a publically accessible endpoint.

When organizations want to host private web applications, e. Moreover, some organizations e. Government have requirements that all access to applications come through a Trusted Internet Connection TICwhich means that all traffic to the web application has to be routed through an on-prem network into the cloud via VPN or Express Route connections.

The web applications should not be accessible directly from the Internet through their public endpoints. It is, however, a premium service that comes with some added costs and complexity that may not fit with all application requirements.

There is also a features that allows the Web App to be integrated with a virtual network through a Point-to-Site VPN connection but additional steps would still need to be taken to prevent public access to the application.

There are also situations where existing virtual network configurations prohibit such connections and the Virtual Network integration may not be the right tool either. In this blog post, I will describe a third way to restrict access to a Web App such that only connections from a virtual network are allowed.

The solution involves front-ending the Web App with an Azure Application Gateway and restricting access to the Web App such that only connections from the Gateway are allowed. It is not straightforward or even possible to complete this configuration through the Azure portal, so I will present the configuration steps in the form of PowerShell scripts.

The workflow has been tested in Azure Government. At the end of the configuration, the deployment should look something like this: When looking at the diagram, start from the point of view of the Web App. Out of the box, it is configured with a public IP and a DNS name, but the IP restrictions on the web app will be configured such that we only allow access from a single public IP.

Finally, a Jump Box will be configured to allow testing of the setup. In production, this can be skipped of course and just connect through virtual network or on-prem resources. The first step is configuring some basic parameters, please edit this part and use appropriate settings.

If you already have a Virtual Network, you should be able to modify the name of the network and maybe the subnet selections to make the code work for your scenario.

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The probe configuration allows errorif the Web App responds with access denied because the application requires user credentials, which would not be presented by the health probe e. An SSL cert is uploaded from a file. You will have to generate a self signed one e. You can read more about that here.

With the Gateway in place, the Web App needs to be locked down to only allow access from the Gateway: It is a dynamic public IP; it is not possible to configure an Application Gateway with a reserved public IP and consequently, it could change. It is a very unlikely event, but if the Application Gateway is redeployed, it could change IP address, which means that the users would no longer be able to access the Web App.

The code snipped above can be run again at any time to update the IP restrictions on the Web App. One could in fact create an Azure Automation step to periodically check whether the IP addresses are consistent and update accordingly or it could be part of the operations and management workflow of the application.

It is a rare event, but it could happen and automated remediation would be encouraged, but that is beyond the scope of this blog post.

Gateway moving beyond the box

Last step is to deploy a jump box VM to test the set up. As mentioned, this step is only needed if there are no resources in the Virtual Network or a peered network from which the Gateway can be reached. The script below is just a suggestion, please adjust according to your needs.

Also verify that you cannot access it any other way. And that's it, you now have a Web App, which is no longer accessible from the public endpoint, but is accessible through a private IP address in a Virtual Network or a peered network.Here at the Gateway Gazette we look at a lot of Western uses for reused shipping containers, yet by virtue of their solidity and security shipping containers can .

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