Cypop5 task 1 outline the current

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Cypop5 task 1 outline the current

This post will help you answer task 1 questions that feature more than one graph. You could also be given a line graph and a bar chart, a pie chart and a line graph or any other combination. Students normally score lower on these types of questions, not because they are more difficult, but because they are unfamiliar with this type of question.

In other words, if you write about everything, you have not answered the question properly. Solution— Pick 2 of the most obvious features from each graph and limit yourself to writing about these things and these things only. More on how to do this in the question analysis below.

As stated above you will be looking for just 2 features in each graph. It is often very difficult for students to decide which features are the most significant. Solution— The first important points should be very visual.

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By that I mean, you should be able to identify them without looking at the data; just by looking at the graphs. Also, look for extremes highs and lowsmajor trends, major changes from beginning to end and any obvious comparisons that can be made between either the two graphs or within the same graph.

Not grouping information into paragraphs— It is very important that you organise your ideas into paragraphs.

Paragraphs should be logical and have one main idea. Lots of students fail to do this because they get confused between the multiple pieces of data in the question and group data from different graphs into one paragraph. This is very difficult to read and understand and you will lose marks if you do this.

Follow the structure I suggest below. Group ideas for each paragraph separately i. Sometimes there will be a relevant comparison to make, but in some questions there will not. Some students see two different graphs and they assume that there must be a comparison.

It should also be noted that there may also be comparisons to be made between the data in the same graph. Structure This structure can be used for every question in which you are given two different graphs.

Paragraph 1 Sentence 1- Paraphrase question sentences. This will allow you to produce a complex sentence and gain points for grammatical range and accuracy. Sentence 3- Overview of two of the main features from graph number 2.

Sentence 4- Overview of any comparisons if necessary optional. Paragraph 3 Sentence 5- Details of first main feature of graph number 1, Sentence 6- Details of second main feature of graph number 1.

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Sentence 8- Details of second main feature of graph number 2.Assignment Task a Assignment 55(NOTES, need to write up) Task a DUTY OF CARE AND SAFEGUARDING ·1) duty of care is to keep children and young people safe and to protect them from sexual, physical and emotional harm.

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Using the above outline as a guide, create a one level outline for your paper by making the topic headings more detailed. For example, instead of “Literature review”, a more detailed heading could be “Literature review on the impacts of community design on air quality.” After providing details, read your outline.

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Cypop5 task 1 outline the current

5K Shares. This post will help you answer task 1 questions that feature more than one graph. A common question on the IELTS academic task 1 paper asks you to write about two different graphs.

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