Characters in helen of troy

See Article History Alternative Titles: She was daughter of Zeuseither by Leda or by Nemesisand sister of the Dioscuri. As a young girl she was carried off by Theseusbut she was rescued by her brothers. She was also the sister of Clytemnestrawho married Agamemnon.

Characters in helen of troy

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. September Learn how and when to remove this template message It begins with the birth of Paris, as well as Cassandra 's prophecy that he would be the cause of Troy 's destruction.

Worried, his father, king Priam leaves him on Mount Idawhere he is found and raised by the shepherd Agelaus. When he is an adult, Paris goes of on a friendly fight with some other shepherds. One of them would kid around telling him about his goat named Stubos that got away again and he chases it to a cave where the goddesses HeraAthenaand Aphrodite appear.

Characters in helen of troy

Hera Characters in helen of troy him power while Athena offers her victory yet he chooses Aphroditewho promises him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world.

Meanwhile, in SpartaHelen sees Paris's judgement in a pool of water and happily accepts his choice of her love. She later meets the Mycenaean King, Agamemnonwho has come to claim her sister, Clytemnestraas his bride, but is also immediately taken by Helen 's attractiveness.

During the wedding feast, after she noticed that everyone seems to be staring at her including Agamemnon and Menelaushis brother, she is kidnapped by two Athenians. Helen learns the truth of her mother's death from Theseusone of the men who kidnapped her, then they took her to Athenswhere she falls for him, before her brother Pollux raids Athens and kills him in order to save her.

As he is dying, Theseus stabs Pollux. In Sparta, Helen 's father Tyndareus rages at his daughter, blaming her for losing his heir.

He presents her to the many suitors who seek her hand, bidding them to do as they wish. The suitors draw lots after swearing an oath suggested by clever Odysseus that if anyone disrespect her husband's claims to her, they should unite and wage war against him. Odysseus rules himself and Agamemnon out of the lot, since they are both married.

They agree to the oath and Agamemnon 's brother Menelaus wins. Agamemnon is visibly jealous. Meanwhile, Paris' favorite bull is taken for the Trojan tribute games. Paris insists on competing, despite his father's protests. After winning in every competition and being recognized by his sister CassandraParis is welcomed by an overjoyed to Troy.

Cassandraa seer, as well as his elder brother Hector are upset at their father's decision. Paris is sent to Sparta to draw out a peace treaty with SpartaMenelaus alone, which angers Agamemnon.

His treaty is refused and both Menelaus and Agamemnon plot to have him murdered. While there, however, he encounters and recognizes Helen, while Menelaus is showing off his new bride by having her walk naked through one of his feasts.

Paris later prevents her from committing suicide.The love-struck Prince Paris of Troy kidnaps beauty Helen from her husband, setting the two nations on a collision course for war. Watch trailers & learn more. Helen of Troy: Helen of Troy, in Greek legend, the most beautiful woman of Greece and the indirect cause of the Trojan War.

One of the most epic adventure stories of all time comes powerfully to life in this original four-hour epic-series. Filmed in exotic locales with an international cast and featuring state-of-the-art special effects, Helen of Troy depicts one of the greatest battles ever fought to .

Helen of Troy is a Warner Bros. WarnerColor epic film in CinemaScope, based on Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. It was directed by Robert Wise, from a screenplay by Hugh Gray and John Twist, adapted by Hugh Gray and N. Richard Nash. “The Trojan Women” (Gr: “Troädes”) is a tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright was first presented at the City Dionysia of BCE, along with two other unconnected tragedies, “Alexandros” and “Palamedes”, and the comedic satyr play “Sisyphos”, all of which have since been lost to follows the fates of Hecuba, Andromache, Cassandra and the other.

Bettany Hughes is an historian, broadcaster, and author of Helen of Troy, Goddess, Princess, Whore (Pimlico ). Here, she writes about the myth of Helen as explored through the ages, and her.

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