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Transcription 1 2 Editorial Editors: Stockert Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, All rights reserved. Kindly supported by 3 Foreword The German Conference on Neutron Scattering Deutsche NeutronenstreutagungSeptember- offers a forum for the presentation and critical discussion of recent results obtained with neutron scattering and complementary techniques.

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We would love to hear from you on what we doing right and wrong. Your e-mails will be posted on this website on the appropriate page. Drop us a line at: Hi, I live in Australia and I am in agreement with your message, although I am curious as to how such a major paradigm shift can be negotiated given what the planet faces I.

That is your call, of course, I simply mention it as this is my stock in trade, to call a essay, story or article as I see it and try to offer any feedback that you and others might find helpful. Your articles are sound and though I am not a scientist, I hold to the notion that science is and ought to be our friend, and you are quite correct in your position on the mediocrity that places spin, lies and deceptive twists in the mix that adds up to a lemmings mentality being imposed upon us by peak bodies like governments, companies and institutions of all-sorts.

That is basically a similar thing to what you've already said about the recalcitrant fossil fuel industry. I suppose the problem is systemic, in short, if it be climate change to how we care, or rather fail to care for our elderly, young people, those sick people and those suffering hardship of one sort or other, the question is therefore, how to shift popular opinion.

Is "Politics" the correct answer to ANY serious problem that was created by politicians?

The issue of ethical and enriching global evolution of thought and of lifestyle to gain a foothold with the popular imagination is the challenge and key to harmony with nature that sadly seems so far off from where I stand ATM. I'm not saying that I or any of us ought to give up, far from it, we just need to tear off the lid to Pandora's Box and seek hope, to use a metaphor.

Well, I think I'll stop there, just wanted to say a good job, but with a little polish and such, it will shine even more than it does already, just my two cents worth. Maybe you could write a book, you've got enough material to work with, and a punchy journalistic style,try and reach out to those people caught in the middle, some people are wavering only because of the overwhelming weight of propaganda out there, and they need to be won over, made to feel, 'hey, this guy is onto something and I like what he says.

Well, good luck and hope you don't mind this being so lengthy. As this earth gets smaller what happens to the aborigines will eventually have it's effect on the other side of the world. The short sighted myopic masses do need their eyes awakened to the heavily financed propaganda they are being told.

We are glad to see other like minded intelligent people who care about this world. InExxon Mobil Corporation had a trademarked catch phrase: Exxon refuses to reverse the deadly addiction to oil that THEY created, and which fills the pockets of their fat cat executives.

Exxon has NO incentive to eliminate the deadly use of obsolete, unsustainable fossil fuels. The corrupt profitable oil-industry supports political idiots who endorse "Drill Baby Drill. The tough problem that Exxon Mobile is struggling to solve is how to maintain profit from oil, which is clearly unsustainable.

Inthe Democrat-controlled U. Only 40 extremely-oil-corrupted Senators blocked its implementation with an unconstitutional overused minority-party filibuster.

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One more Senator's vote and HR would have become law. We would be well on the way to a rational, sustainable, energy policy for the first time in U. HR wasn't perfect, but it was long overdue. Instead, climate-changing CO2greenhouse gas is now increasing annually at an unsustainable deadly pace of.

Climatologists warn us of irreversible impact to biodiversity and sea level - A billion coastal residents may become homeless. Our current crisis is NOT a simple economic cycle downturn - No lasting American economic recovery is possible without sustainable, abundant, clean, green, free-fuel energy.The light collection system was set on a micrometric translation stage to enable mapping of the light emission along the electrode's axis (2 points/mm).

A cylindrical lens was used in the optical system to collect all the light in the plane perpendicular to the electrode's . Use Leibnitzs linear equation 22)1()1(xeydxdyx x Use Laplace Transform to evaluate, dttte t 0)3(sin Analyze / Evaluate 1.

Reduce the quadratic form 8x21 +7x22 +3x23 x 1 x 2 -8x 2 x 3 +4x 3 x 1 to canonical form by orthogonal transformation and find the rank, signature, index and the nature. Our AFM is equipped with two micromanipulators: a hydraulic-driven 3-axis translation device (Narashige Scientific Instrument Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan) and a micrometer screw-driven 3-axis manipulator (stage MXYZ-M, Newport).

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However, it is not. Editorial Editors: M. Müller, K. Pranzas, P. Staron, K.

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Griewatsch, R. Roßmann, N. Kampner Deutsche Neutronenstreutagung , Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu.

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